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Penang Gerakan condemns racial tones in ceramah

30 Jul 2014, 4:42 PM
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Penang Gerakan Secretary Oh Tong Keong condemned a ceramah which allegedly stirred up racial sentiments.

Posted on the internet, the speaker believed to be Ustaz Shahul Hamid had allegedly belittled the Hindu deity gods.

Oh in his statement said he had received many complaints from public on the video recording the man who spoke on the purchase and use of curry powder.

In the recording the man questioned why people were buying curry powder from aindHinhHindu Hindu manufacturer instead of getting it from a Muslim.

Oh is saddened that some quarters in our country are narrow minded and seem to be working against racial harmony. “This is bad for national unity,” Oh added.

Oh expressed confidence that both Jakim and Halal Malaysia, which worked hard for our fellow Malaysian Muslims could easily identify Halal food manufacturers and outlets.

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