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Malaysians should respect and mourn the passing of Karpal Singh

18 Apr 2014, 4:57 PM
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Ooi Zhi Yi, National Gerakan Youth Deputy Secretary-General condemns the acts of certain Malaysians who have politicised the passing of Karpal Singh especially Perkasa Vice-President Zulkifli Noordin and Langkawi MP, Datuk Nawawi Ahmad.

Both public figures have used the issue to try gaining publicity and making fun of the late Bukit Gelugor MP who has passed away in an accident in the North-South Highway.

Some people have even comes up with different ideas regarding the cause of the accident. Ooi stressed that the public should let the authorities do the proper investigation.

“We must learn from past happenings that we must not spread unverified information that may caused hurt and confusion to others,” added Zhi Yi.

Zhi Yi who is also the Penang Gerakan State Youth Secretary also mentioned although he may be a political opponent, but what he has fought against on this hudud law issue is right. There may be disagreements in certain ideology and principles, but we must continue to advocate what is right in him.

“Karpal Singh and Gerakan may have walked a different path but we are certainly towards the same direction in advocating against the hudud law,” said

We must also respect his perseverance for holding steadfastly on what he has advocated for. Politicians should follow his example of fighting for what he believed for until the end and not keep on changing their stand to obtain popular support from the people.

His contributions towards the country’s political developments should be acknowledged from all Malaysians regardless of their political stand.

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